Baron Black Talks Being The Inaugural Battle Slam ICON Champion

baron black
Photo Credit: All Elite Wrestling

Baron Black reflects on holding Battle Slam gold.

Baron Black is the first-ever Battle Slam ICON World Champion. However, he is also the promoter of the brand. Promoters being the top champions of their particular organization is nothing new in wrestling and was a staple of the territory era, but Black takes special pride in holding this title as he feels Battle Slam is merging the hip-hop and pro wrestling cultures together.

“It feels great. It’s really significant because what Battle Slam is doing is really bridging the gap,” Black tells PWMania. “Basically, between the worlds of the hip hop industry and the pro wrestling industry, two worlds that are very similar to each other, two worlds that I am very passionate about, two worlds that definitely kind of feed off each other, they kind of mimic each other and feed off each other. And two worlds that definitely work well together. And I think everybody has seen that now. They’ve definitely seen it in the past, back at WCW and the stuff that went on in early WWE, WWF.. And now, of course, AEW has also caught on to the wave. And you’ve seen a lot of hip-hop figures being on AEW programming and all to be working together well. So it’s definitely an honor to be almost like the face of what this new collaboration between these two most popular entities in the world looks like. Now it’s pro wrestling and the hip-hop industry”

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Furthermore, Baron Black is hoping to truly make this a world title, with plans to defend it in different countries and regions of the world including Canada, where he has never wrestled.

“Canada that’s a very interesting place. I’ve never been to Canada number one. I’ve never wrestled in Canada since I’ve never been I would definitely like to wrestle in Canada. But with the Battle Slam ICON World Championship, and I said this after the show was over when I won the championship, this championship will be defended in multiple places, this championship will not only be defended at Battle Slam shows, this championship will be defended other places as well, at other notable promotions. So I laid it out there, if you really want a shot at the ICON World Championship, you know where to find me. Just holler at me and we’ll get it done. I’ll come to you, you come to me, and don’t matter. Doesn’t matter if you’re on the West Coast, Midwest, East Coast, Puerto Rico, Trinidad, India, UK, it doesn’t matter to me.”

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