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Sonya Deville And Mandy Rose To Open Donut Shop In Los Angeles

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Photo Credit: Bill Pritchard

Get ready for a physical DaMandyz Donut shop, Los Angeles!

Whether as opponents are tag team partners, Sonya Deville and Mandy Rose have been linked from the very beginning of their careers. Outside the squared circle, DaMandyz Donuts is a thriving business as well. Now, Sonya and Mandy want to take their business to the next level with a physical shop in Los Angeles, California.

“So myself and Mandy Rose, who is also a WWE superstar and my former tag team partner and best friend, we own a donut company. We started a kind of social media donut show five, six years ago now, and we saw that it piqued people’s interest and people were interested in watching us eat donuts and talk about them. And so we started a YouTube series a few years back where we traveled the globe for WWE, and whatever city we were in, we would just try the local donut shop, and then we would rate them. And it kind of became this thing that we didn’t think it would become, and our fans loved it and it was super just fun and lighthearted, just something we could interact with the fans by doing,” Deville told Forbes.

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“And so eventually we were like, ‘Wait, we’ve tasted like every donut in America. Why don’t we create our own donut line and make it super true to what we like in a donut?’ Because we became like aficionados of donuts at this point. And so here comes our baby, DaMandyz Donutz. We have a website,, where we sell a lot of cool, fun merch and stuff. But now we are launching our first official donut spot in Los Angeles. And this is the first interview I’ve ever said that in, but it will be available via delivery service. So you guys will be able to go on your food delivery app—not going to say which one yet—and order DaMandyz Donutz, probably within the next few months, for sure.”

Sonya also says that they are planning on expanding beyond Los Angeles as well.

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