Joey Ryan
Photo by Harmony Gerber/Getty Images

Joey Ryan Fired From His Job At Disneyland

Joey Ryan was fired from his job at Disneyland in California this week.

The Los Angeles Times is reporting Joey Ryan (Joseph Meehan) was working at Disneyland as a skipper on the park’s Jungle Cruise ride but he was let go this week for an undisclosed reason. It was noted that Meehan had been working at the park on a probationary status for approximately three months, but the company has since declined to hire him in a full-time role.

Ryan’s employment was noteworthy due to the timing of a photograph of him working in the park going viral this week, as Disneyland ended the relationship three days after the photo was posted.

“Mr. Meehan is no longer employed by us,” a Disneyland spokesperson said in a statement to the Los Angeles Times.

It was noted that the park’s background checks and screening process did not alert them to any allegations against Meehan, who was accused of multiple accounts of sexual misconduct in 2020.

The spokesperson did not add further detail about the reason for ending Meehan’s employment and did not say whether the sexual harassment allegations against him played a role in their decision. Meehan and his attorney did not respond to a request for comment.

In total, Ryan was accused of 18 counts of sexual harassment and sexual assault during the #SpeakingOut movement. IMPACT Wrestling fired Ryan on June 22, 2020, and he later shut his Bar Wrestling promotion down.

Ryan initially issued a statement denying the allegations, and later filed several defamation lawsuits against his accusers and a breach of contract suit against IMPACT Wrestling. Ryan ultimately dropped the lawsuits against several of his accusers, and later dismissed another suit against former Ring Of Honor wrestler Pelle Primeau without prejudice.

Joey Ryan has not wrestled since June 2020. His last match was a singles win over Crazzy Steve on the June 2, 2020 episode of IMPACT Wrestling. Ryan was originally advertised for a 6-man tag team match on the June 23, 2020 episode of IMPACT, but the match was pulled and never aired after he was fired.

with Cancel Culture against Crazzy Steve and two mystery opponents on this week’s show. WrestleZone has confirmed with multiple sources that the match will no longer air on Tuesday’s broadcast on AXS TV.