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Rocky Romero: Orange Cassidy Was Tentative About Facing Will Ospreay At Forbidden Door

Many fans were tentative when Orange Cassidy was announced as Will Ospreay‘s opponent at AEW x NJPW Forbidden Door. Surprisingly, so was Cassidy himself.

New Japan Pro-Wrestling‘s Rocky Romero recently sat down with Denise Salcedo to discuss a wide variety of subjects. While talking about Forbidden Door, Romero revealed that Orange Cassidy was originally tentative about facing Will Ospreay at the pay-per-view.

“For sure, the match that I think stole the show easily was Orange Cassidy vs. Will Ospreay,” Rocky Romero said. “The funny thing is, here is another example of the fans being like, ‘oh, you could have done anything else with Will Ospreay.’ This was Tony’s idea to do Cassidy and Ospreay. I saw the potential in it because I was like, ‘oh, that’s so money because that’s a dream match that maybe you wouldn’t think of right off the bat, but it’s a for sure dream’… Because everybody kinda forgets that Cassidy is such a great wrestler because he has such a fantastic gimmick…

“So you have two great wrestlers… So yeah, I thought that was gonna kick butt, and it exceeded my expectations because it really stole the show. The funny thing is, even going into it, Orange Cassidy was like, ‘I am not sure.’ He was a little tentative like, ‘maybe that’s not a great match for me.’ I was like, ‘dude this is gonna be awesome.’ We actually talked about it after; he was like, ‘dude, that was one of my favorite matches of all-time that I’ve ever done.’ He was like, ‘I can’t believe I was tentative’ I was like, ‘if you’re not tentative and you care about what you do, then you really don’t care. So you gotta feel that way as a performer.’ But I think, for the most part, Tony and I knew it was gonna be a home run.”

Following the Forbidden Door event, many fans declared Will Ospreay’s IWGP United States Championship defense against Orange Cassidy was the best match of the night.

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What do you make of Rocky Romero’s comments? Are you surprised to hear that Orange Cassidy was tentative going into his match with Will Ospreay? Let us know your thoughts by sounding off in the comments section below.