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Lacey Evans Wants To See Evolution 2, Believes The Event Is ‘Always Necessary’

Lacey Evans wants WWE to run Evolution 2 so all of the moms on the roster can have their babies watching their matches from ringside.

SmackDown Superstar Lacey Evans recently sat down with Steve Fall of NBC Sports Boston to discuss a wide variety of subjects. When asked about the possibility of WWE having an Evolution 2, Evans believes that it’s necessary to have it in the future.

“I think it’s always necessary,” Lacey Evans said. “Why not? I mean, what would be the hurt of it? I don’t think there would be a hurt of it. I think that all the moms out there now, especially wrestling, you’ve got Ronda Rousey, you got Becky Lynch, you got the Bellas, you got Lacey Evans, you’ve got Bianca Belair, you’ve got Tamina — you’ve got all these badass women that are [mothers].

“How about let’s do another one and have all our babies ringside watching their mamas and then behind that have all the girls in the world that want to be sports entertainers behind the babies and then behind them — you know what I’m saying? Just have all the moms that not just dream of becoming wrestlers, but just having freaking careers and having to juggle what we juggle and the fact that we get to show the world what mommies are capable of that we can still chase our dreams and these careers and be badass wives and moms and work hard — is cool. I’m down. Any time we could highlight the strengths of a woman, let’s do it, especially with having two girls myself.”

After the first Evolution show happened, many members of the WWE Universe expected it to become a yearly event. Unfortunately, that hasn’t happened yet. It’s still nice to see that there’s a general interest from both wrestlers and fans to make this happen in the future.

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What do you make of Lacey Evans’ comments? Do you think WWE should hold another Evolution premium live event in the future? Let us know your thoughts by sounding off in the comments section below.

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