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Paul Wight On Appearing On RAW For John Cena’s 20th Anniversary: It Showed Class By Both Companies

Paul Wight‘s taped appearance on WWE RAW put aside the competitive aspect of the wrestling industry in recognition of the opportunity to properly pay tribute to a megastar.

Wight, Bryan Danielson, and Chris Jericho, who are all signed to AEW, sent in video messages for the June 27 episode of WWE RAW, which marked the celebration of John Cena‘s 20th anniversary. All three men worked with Cena at various points in their careers, so they congratulated the former world champion on the show.

During an interview with Riju Dasgupta of Sportskeeda Wrestling, Wight looked back on his numerous battles with Cena and expressed that he was glad he had the opportunity to thank him.

“It’s still a business. I mean, I worked with John Cena, golly, for 20-plus years. I was instrumental in the beginning of his career, and throughout my career, I had a lot of incredible battles with John Cena all over the world. I used to make a joke that like every five months, it was time for Big Show and John Cena to fight again. I mean we were great, the David and Goliath spectacle, and he was such a superhero, and I was able to be a great monster for him to battle with, and people enjoyed it. That was a cool situation, and I’m glad WWE gave me the opportunity to say thank you to John.”

Wight also noted that, by cooperating with each other, WWE and AEW showed “class”, as the two promotions acknowledged the human beings and the promotions behind the performers fans see on TV.

“It was really cool of Tony Khan to allow his contracted talent to appear on another show to thank you,” said Wight. “That shows a lot of class I think on both companies. It’s great to be competitive, and at the same time, the talent involved are also human beings, and I have a lot of friends still in WWE, so it’s nice to be able to, in an appropriate way, to pay homage to a friend that’s had such an amazing career. Don’t me wrong, we still wanna kick their ass in the ratings. But I wouldn’t expect anything less from them.”

Wight remains part of the broadcast team for AEW Dark: Elevation. The veteran recently gave an update about his health; more information is available here.

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