WWE SummerSlam 2022
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WWE SummerSlam Results (7/30/22): Brock Lesnar vs. Roman Reigns

WWE will deliver a star-studded show with WWE SummerSlam on July 30.

Kickofff Show

The panel discusses the matches on the card.

In a backstage interview, Theory says he’s on top of the world and tonight will be the beginning of the Theory era after he cashes in his Money in the Bank briefcase.

Standing in a section of the crowd, Jackie Redmond interviews some fans, who are cheering for Roman Reigns, and declares that SummerSlam will be “wild.”

WWE Global Ambassador Titus O’Neil comes to the stage and presents representatives of local non-profits with custom WWE Championships. He also announces that WWE will give $20,000 to each of the organizations.

Main Show

RAW Women’s Championship: Bianca Belair (c) vs. Becky Lynch

Belair and Lynch feel each other out, and the champion overpowers her opponent early on. Lynch catches Belair and grounds her with an arm-breaker. She targets the arm and hones in on it to take control. Belair dropkicks Lynch and slams her to the mat. A standing moonsault earns her a two count. Outside of the ring, Lynch slams Belair into the barricade and hits a leg drop while the champion is bent across the barrier. She gets Belair back in the ring and suplexes her. Lynch slams Belair head-first to the mat for a two count. She continues to control the action, but Belair rallies with a powerbomb. Belair slams Lynch onto the apron. She pulls Lynch shoulder-first into the ring post and suplexes her on the floor. A standing handspring moonsault earns Belair a two count. Lynch hits a modified Stunner/jaw-breaker for a two count of her own. The two women trade blows, and Belair dumps Lynch over her head after showcasing her strength.

Lynch counters the KOD and goes for the Disarm-her, but Belair powers out of it and hits the KOD on the floor. “Big Time Becks” counters the KOD, but Belair spikes her to the mat. Lynch pulls Belair by her braid and hits a Man-handle Slam for a near fall. Belair hits a Spanish Fly and nails the KOD for the win.

Winner and still WWE RAW Women’s Champion: Bianca Belair

After the match, Lynch shakes Belair’s hand. Bayley comes out, and she’s not alone; Dakota Kai and Io Shirai subsequently come to the stage with her. They enter the ring, seemingly ready to attack Belair, but Lynch stands next to the champion, forcing them to retreat.

Logan Paul vs. The Miz (with Maryse and Ciampa) 

Paul takes the fight to The Miz early on and punches him. He hits a moonsault and slaps the former WWE Champion. The Miz takes control and grounds Paul. Ciampa gets involved and gets The Miz maintain the advantage. Paul hits a Blockbuster, and both men are down. Paul gains the upper hand and takes The Miz down by targeting his knee. He briefly locks in the Figure-Four. Paul hits a diving crossbody. Ciampa gets on the apron, and the referee ejects him from ringside. He gets a chair and sits at ringside, but AJ Styles comes out to even the odds. He attacks Ciampa from behind and removes him from the equation. Paul hits the Phenomenal Forearm for a two count. Maryse distracts Paul when he tries to hit a dive through the announce table. He proceeds to hit a frog splash on The Miz. Maryse gets on the apron and distracts Paul. The Miz tries to capitalize and hit Paul from behind, but he moves and drops “The A-LIster” with the Skull-Crushing Finale for the win.

Winner: Logan Paul

The Maximum Male Models are doing a photoshoot backstage. Maxxine Dupri tells someone to get them water. They pour the water over themselves as Max Dupri emphasizes the importance of hydrated skin. He says Pure Life Water is the official water of the Maximum Male Models.

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