Gallus NXT
Photo: WWE

Gallus Appear On 8/16 WWE NXT Heatwave, Attack Diamond Mine

Gallus is back in the U.S.

During the “Heatwave” episode of WWE NXT 2.0 on August 16, Julius Creed met with his fellow Diamond Mine members to discuss whether or not Roderick Strong is trying to destroy their faction from the inside out. The Creed Brothers and Damon Kemp had Strong cornered, but before a confession could be made, Gallus would attack from behind.


The NXT UK trio consisting of Wolfgang, Mark Coffey, and Joe Coffey laid out all four members of Diamond Mine before posing on the stage.

Mark Coffey and Wolfgang previously held the NXT UK Tag Team Championship for 497, so Gallus has an impressive background as a group.

PWInsider previously reported that NXT UK talent is expected to come to the United States this month, and Gallus was the first to do so.

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