WWE NXT Results

WWE NXT Heatwave Results (8/16/22)

August 16, 2022

Report by Lovell Porter for Wrestlezone.com

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North American Championship Match: Carmelo Hayes (c) w/Trick Williams vs. Giovanni Vinci

Vinci and Hayes trade strikes. After a series of reversals, Hayes catches Vinci with a springboard clothesline. Hayes lights Vinci up with a chop. Vinci fires back with a chop of his own. Springboard clothesline by Vinci. Vinci lands a series of chops. A double clothesline floors both men. After the break, Vinci catches Hayes as he sails through the air after a springboard. Vinci hits a senton, followed by a second rope moonsault for a near fall.

Vinci tries a springboard but Hayes trips Vinci on the ropes. Hayes lands the fadeaway. Vinci kicks out. Superkick by Hayes. Hayes tries a dive but Vinci picks him out of the air (after a bit of a bobble) and lands a brainbuster. Vinci tries a powerbomb but Hayes turns it into a modified cutter. Vinci kicks out again. Hayes gets dumped out of the ring but lands on his feet. Vinci lands a double jump splash out of the ring onto Williams and Hayes.

Vinci tosses Hayes back in the ring and flattens him with a double jump moonsault. Williams puts Hayes’ foot on the rope. Vinci picks Hayes up for a powerbomb but Williams gets in the ring. Vinci power-tosses Hayes into Williams. Powerbomb to Williams by Vinci. Vinci tries another powerbomb on Hayes but Hayes turns it into a spike-ranna for the win.

Winner and STILL NXT North American Champion, Carmelo Hayes!

In-Ring Segment: Diamond Mine

Julius accuses Roderick Strong of trying to destroy them. Julius shows footage of Tony D’Angelo tapping the mat before Strong “accidentally” kneed him in the face weeks ago. Gallus from NXT UK hits the ring and leaves all four members of Diamond Mine laying.

Backstage, Roxanne Perez says she never thought she would be in the ring opposite her best friend. Cora Jade made her bed, now she has to lay in it.

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