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Sasha Banks Teases New Musical Project, Wants To Own The IP For Her Characters

Sasha Banks has proven herself to be multi-faceted in character work.

From her early days as Mercedes MV on the independent wrestling scene to embracing “The Boss” upon her arrival in WWE, Banks has crafted many characters in her lifetime, including Koska Reeves in the Star Wars’ “Mandalorian” series. In a recent appearance on AHCH-To Radio, Banks expressed her desire to own the IP (Intellectual Property) for the characters she helps cultivate.

“I always want to create characters to portray and to live by,” Banks noted. “You’re (the host) a character right now. I’m sure once you get off your headsets, you’re someone completely different. We’re always portraying different characters in every given moment of our time. For me, it’s really just owning my own IP (Intellectual Property) and owning the character behind the character and really defining, who’s the character that is playing the character. It’s really just finding yourself.”

“When it comes to even wrestling, that’s a character that I come up with and I portray myself. You have your writers coming in and giving a little more details of what they see for it. But it’s really, when it comes to characters in your life, it’s what you see for that character, because only you know how you’re going to play it and only you know how you see the vision of that character.”

The former Smackdown Women’s Champion continued on to praise the acting industry. Furthermore, Banks emphasized it as an outlet to create a multitude of characters.

“Actors are so amazing that they can just portray such a moment and live in it and be someone that they’re completely not,” Banks explained. “But they are, because they are playing it. It’s such a mind-boggling industry that you can be kind of whoever you want to be and be whoever you want to create.”

Besides acting though, Banks has also recently dabbled into the fashion industry. Walking beside fellow WWE Superstar Naomi, Banks rocked the runway at New York Fashion Week. But that’s not all Sasha Banks has on her mind next.

When discussing her next business moves, “The Blueprint” teased potential music plans on the horizon.

“There is so much that I’m kind of creating right now. It’s all under an umbrella. So it’s like I said, I’m an actor, writer, producer, extraordinaire, entertainer. So all within those realms, I’m doing something, so you just have to stay tuned. Stay tuned,” Banks declared.

“But you (host) have a microphone, that’s something big that I want to do, not podcasting, but music. So that’s probably–I don’t know if that’s the number one next thing because acting–there’s a lot of things coming with acting right now,” she explained. But I’m really starting to focus my mind around music and that music realm and just being kind of a director in this space of creating a kind of a musical video piece.”

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