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Thunder Rosa: I Can Bring Ratings, Give Me The F-cking Platform And I Will Perform

Thunder Rosa will deliver if she gets a chance to show what she can do.

Friday’s episode of Busted Open Radio saw the return of Thunder Rosa, who regularly serves as a co-host of the show. Thunder Rosa, Dave LaGreca and Justin LaBar were speaking about the effect that CM Punk and The Elite’s absence has had on the rest of the AEW roster, noting that it’s opened up some spots for talent.

Thunder Rosa gave a passionate speech about how she wants to chance to tell her story on television and show why she’s so highly regarded by others, noting that she’s not the only one that feels this way.

“If given the opportunity to come on TV, we’re going to step up and get those numbers up. But we have to — they have to let us go out there and do our thing, you know? And now with not having the biggest stars, people are stepping up because they want that spot. They want to get that spot and I can tell you as a champion,” she explained, “I want to show the damn world why the fuck I’m a fucking AEW Women’s World Champion when I come back, and I can bring fucking ratings to this place! Excuse my French — because I have competition.

“Going back to the PWI [500 list], I’m number three. Number three, ranked three, I was 49 one time and I was ‘one to watch’ seven years ago. And I’m number three in the fucking world. Give me the fucking platform and I will perform. And I can tell you more talent like me are going to be out there. Give me the platform and I will perform, and that’s what people are doing right now at AEW. They know they have to step it up. They know because they want that spot.”

LaGreca closed by saying he agrees with her and he’s been criticized about it, but she doesn’t get enough time on TV while proving she can do a three-hour radio show. He noted that AEW pulled its best rating in nearly a year this week, and AEW is showing they get just as many people watching without CM Punk as they do without. He says all it takes is giving talent a chance, with LaBar noting that Punk was an investment, but talent is proving they can keep the ship afloat.

Thunder Rosa has been sidelined since August 24 with a back injury and was unable to compete at AEW All Out. Toni Storm won the Interim AEW Women’s World Championship in her absence.

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