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Drew McIntyre Explains Why He Hates Hell In A Cell Matches

Drew McIntyre says he hates heights, so he’s not a fan of Hell in a Cell matches.

The steel structure is one of the most acclaimed stipulation bouts in WWE history. McIntyre has competed in two of them, and he has suffered defeats in both contests. He memorably lost his WWE Championship to Randy Orton at WWE Hell in a Cell 2020.

Speaking with Steve Fall of NBC Sports Boston, McIntyre was asked to name the stipulation matches he likes, as well as those that he doesn’t care for. He responded by first noting that he prefers Street Fights and bouts where his feet on the ground before he emphasized that he does not enjoy Ladder Matches.

“I like Street Fights and anything goes, with the weapons and your feet on the ground,” McIntyre said. “I do not like ladders. I do not like anything where you’re off the ground. I don’t like heights. It’s bad enough being six-foot-five, it’s terrifying enough looking down. You could potentially fall off of [a ladder], and someone’s gonna throw it at you. Those things aren’t working ladders, they come from Home Depot. If you go to your local Home Depot and start hitting the ladder, that’s what it feels like. It freaking hurts.”

“The Scottish Warrior” continued by making it clear that he does not like Hell in a Cell matches. He noted that he took the worst fall of his career in the aforementioned clash with Orton.

“Hell in a Cell matches, I have not had a good track record with them,” McIntyre said. “I’ve had two, I have lost two. I’ve fallen off the side of the Hell in a Cell. You wanna talk about not liking heights, I’ve been on top of Hell in Cell twice, and it is terrifying. Legitimately 20-feet high. You’re scaling a cage to get up there. Technically there’s supposed to be little assist holes that help you climb your way up. When you’re live on the air, you can’t find those things. They’re invisible. So I’ve literally scaled up that thing with my bare hands, hating heights, falling off the side.

“Worst fall of my career against Randy Orton, knocked me ten feet off the side of a cell, which is 17 feet when you look back before you fall when you’re as tall as I am. Yeah, I hate Hell in a Cell. So give me a street fight, give me a weapons match. Keep me on the ground and let me swing a weapon at you. If you push me too far, I’ll swing my sword at you.”

McIntyre will compete in another stipulation bout when he battles Karrion Kross in a Strap Match at WWE Extreme Rules.

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