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Booker T Sees The Upside Of Chris Jericho Winning The ROH Title

Booker T sees Chris Jericho‘s ROH World Championship win as a big positive.

Speaking on The Hall of Fame, Booker T commented on Chris Jericho winning the ROH World Championship and how the new champion will be able to keep a spotlight on the Ring Of Honor brand.

“I think it’s smart trying to put some light on that Ring of Honor Title, that Ring of Honor brand. I don’t know what the Ring of Honor brand is anymore, other than it being a part of AEW now, as far as having championship matches on AEW. I haven’t heard about any Ring of Honor shows. But if you’re trying to keep that name alive, that Ring of Honor name alive, to have the title on someone like Chris Jericho, I think it does that. I think it’s important if you’re planning on doing something with that brand down the road, it’s important to keep that brand alive. I always thought it was important to keep that WCW brand alive, in case you wanted to do something with it. Just because it’s good business more than anything. But yeah I see the upside of the title being on Chris Jericho.”

Booker also spoke about the match itself and the story they were telling, noting that there are certain aspects talent should take away from it.

“You can do that, if you put it in context and still try to make the fans understand what the story is. I understand that story from the beginning to the old. The old guy, Chris Jericho, is gonna go out here, and I’m gonna hang as much as I possibly can. I [not] hang with you from a physical standpoint, but from a mental standpoint, I’m gonna show you just how good I really am. So for me, that’s the story that I saw. That’s the story that I watched, and at the end of it, when Chris won, it was believable enough.

“Just like say for instance, the one spot on the top rope, where Castagnoli was getting ready to powerbomb him, well Chris was getting ready to hurricanrana him, but he blocked it. Then he brought him where it looked like he was gonna powerbomb him, but Chris double-countered him. I go, that’s some good stuff right there. It was psychology 101, it made everything mean something. Everything that they did, it made that match believable. At the end of the day, the old guy overcame the younger [guy]. So that’s the way I try to look at stuff and still try to make it work for these young guys today that’s going out there and doing it. If they watched it, they could learn a whole lot from it.”

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