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Shane Helms: Sami Zayn The Top Performer In The Business Today

Shane Helms called Sami Zayn the top performer in the industry right now.

Helms works as a producer in WWE, and he has seen Zayn have a remarkable year. From facing Johnny Knoxville at WrestleMania to working alongside Roman Reigns and The Bloodline, Zayn has become a fan-favorite part of WWE programming.

Speaking on WWE After The Bell, Helms praised the former WWE Intercontinental Champion and noted that he always delivers home runs. He highlighted the Knoxville match and stated that Zayn was the perfect guy for it.

“Sami is right now and I have no problem saying this, Sami is the top performer in this entire industry,” Zayn said. “That’s how good Sami is. Sami is just checking, it’s daunting sometimes, Sami has a reputation [laughs]. He’ll drive you bananas but the end result, that is always a home run or a grand slam, and [his WrestleMania match against Johnny Knoxville], that definitely was a grand slam.

“He was the perfect guy for that. Utilizing all the members of the Jackass crew, all of these gadgets, I wasn’t really known for being a hardcore wrestler, that wasn’t my forte… Using weapons and stuff, it just all came together like so crazy and just a lot of creativity from everybody involved. That was just a massive team effort.”

Helms also described Zayn’s range and highlighted his memorable segment from the September 23 episode of WWE SmackDown, when Reigns gave him an “Honorary Uce” shirt.

“Sami is the number one act right now, Helms said. “He just checks, he can do anything. He can be funny, he can be serious. When he had that sad face on this past Friday, people were legitimately sad. You know, there was a moment when you were like oh no, don’t do it. Reminded me of when The Horsemen kicked out Sting. When they were kicking Sami out or we thought they were, you know, when he ripped the shirt off and Jey ripped that shirt off so quick, and Sami was so sad. Of course he gets the honorary Uce shirt, which is already selling like hotcakes.”

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