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Another QR Code Offers More White Rabbit Hints On 9/30 WWE SmackDown

The mystery of WWE‘s “White Rabbit” continued on Friday night, as yet another QR code appeared during the September 30 episode of WWE SmackDown, sending fans down another rabbit hole of clues.

Following a brief segment for Karrion Kross on the September 30, 2022 episode of WWE SmackDown, another QR code appeared, sending fans to a website that played a disturbing video of a pig playing a flute, intercut with images of actual pigs that had been butchered. A video clip of the big bad wolf then played, before images of someone in a hyper-realistic costume of the wolf also appeared, all while noises that sounded similar to morse code played.

As has been the case since the start of the “White Rabbit” phenomenon, fans immediately began trying to gather clues. So far, fans have broken down that the morse code messages seems to say “Azazel Reborn,” with the name Azazel appearing in the Bible and often being associated with a fallen angel. Other fans also spotted that the URL to the website features the numbers “1911” in it, which also appeared on Bray Wyatt’s hat when he would appear during The Fiend segments for WWE.

Another link to Wyatt came when a “fan” had a sign on SmackDown that read, “Revel in What You Are”, which Wyatt himself tweeted in 2019.

The morse code in the clip translates to “Azazel Reborn.”

Yet another clue can be found in the file name of the image, “TS_S10E6.” A Reddit user found the name and linked it to he corresponding episode of The Simpsons, which features the theme from the musical Hair, “Incense and Peppermints” by Strawberry Alarm Clock (1967), “White Rabbit” by Jefferson Airplane.

More clues were hidden in the filename, as it contained a phone number that plays a message backwards. When played in reverse, it says “Bravo. Echo. Lima. Alpha. India. Romero. I am the way into the City of Woe. I am the way into eternal sorrow,” a quote from Dante Alighieri.

Currently, it’s anyone’s guess as to what exactly the mystery will end up being, but fans are beginning to speculate that something will happen at the upcoming Extreme Rules premium live event. If that turns out to be true, it looks like we’ll have one more week of clues to decipher.

The mystery of WWE’s “White Rabbit” began when fans in attendance at a variety of WWE live shows and house events were treated to an impromptu session of Jefferson Airplane’s iconic song “White Rabbit.” Following its appearance at last week’s Raw, fans spotted a QR code with the words “come with me” written above them in a segment backstage featuring Austin Theory.

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