teddy hart
Photo Credit: Bill Pritchard

Jack Evans Believes Teddy Hart Is The Next Tiger King

Jack Evans has seen the trailer for Peacock’s new Teddy Hart documentary and he believes it will result in a new level of infamy.

Earlier this week, Peacock released a trailer for the true crime documentary Dangerous Breed: Crime. Cons. Cats. The feature takes a look into the life of Teddy Hart and his relationship with Samantha Fiddler, who went missing in 2016. Jack Evans, a former friend and in-ring partner of Hart, was asked by a fan if he’d seen the trailer for the project. Evans said he had, making a bold claim that Hart would be the new “Tiger King” once it aired.

As a follow-up, a fan asked if Evans would be seen in the documentary. Evans said he’d stopped hanging out with Hart “long before this was taped”, so he won’t be appearing in the show.

Dangerous Breed: Crime. Cons. Cats. will begin streaming exclusively on Peacock on Tuesday, November 22.

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