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Colby Corino: Any Time I Lock Up With Homicide, It’s Something Special

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WrestleZone’s Colin Tessier recently spoke with Colby Corino, who picked some of his work in the NWA Junior Heavyweight division, as well as some indie work against MLW’s Mads Krugger.


“If you’ve never watched a Colby Corino match, you can go on YouTube right now and punch in ‘Colby Corino vs. Homicide’ and you can find me challenging for the Junior Heavyweight belt for the first time. I was very, very proud of that match. Anytime I lock up with Homicide is something special. We just make sort of magic in the ring, and the first time was no exception. Also on YouTube, if you watch NWA, you can see me do a very pro wrestling style.

“If you’ve ever seen on me on the indies or elsewhere, you might know that I dip my toes in the deathmatch and hardcore style. If you go on YouTube, you can find Colby Corino vs. Krule, who is Mads Krugger on MLW. We had a crazy match for Deadlock Pro in North Carolina, and it was insane. This match, I wouldn’t even call a wrestling match. It’s more like a horror movie. I’m very much hanging my hat on that and tooting my own horn all night about that one. Actually I just had a great match with Flip Gordon on NWA Powerrr. That’s very recent, so check that out.”

Corino went on to praise Krule, aka Krugger, as a great talent who can do deathmatches with the best of them.

“If you’re familiar with Krule or Mads Krugger at all, he’s like 6’7″ or something, he wears a very intimidating mask. What I tell people is he’s the indie wrestling’s King of this day, but if King did deathmatches. We didn’t even have so much of a wrestling match as much as it was just a chaotic fight. The only pin that happened in the match was the last that caused the end of the match. It was more like I was fighting for my life than I was fighting to win. It’s very hard to describe without spoiling much to those who want to watch it. I’m very proud of that match.”

Check out some free-to-watch full-length matches from Colby Corino’s career below, including the aforementioned matches with Homicide and Krule, as well as a match against his father, Steve Corino.

Colby Corino vs. Krule (aka Mads Krugger)

DPW Showdown In The Carolinas — July 10, 2022

Homicide vs. Colby Corino

NWA Powerrr S8E10 — May 31, 2022

Colby Corino vs. Marshe Rockett

NWA PowerrrSurge S6E1 — September 21, 2021

Colby Corino vs. Steve Corino

PWF Colby Corino’s 25th Anniversary Show — August 27, 2021



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