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Lady Frost: Mexico Reignited My Love For Wrestling, CMLL Let Me Go And Ball Out

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WrestleZone’s Ella Jay recently spoke with former IMPACT Knockout Lady Frost, who recalled some of her standout matches from the past year, including a special nod to her recent appearances in Mexico at CMLL.

“I love the Ultimate X match [in IMPACT Wrestling],” she said “The first women’s Ultimate X was awesome, but I’ve had a lot of good matches recently. Jodi Threat in Canada. [Queen] Aminata in the [quarter]finals of WrestlePro. Billie Starkz [too], that was a fun one. So those three, I think, come to mind recently and then everything in Mexico, but that was just like wildly different. I didn’t have any singles matches there. Those all just like tournament tag style.”

Frost previously spoke with Sam Roberts of All Angles Wrestling about the Ultimate X match in IMPACT Wrestling. Earlier this year, the Knockouts division made history at Hard To Kill with the first-ever Knockouts iteration of the match. There, Lady Frost officially crossed off a huge goal of hers.

“When I was speaking to Gail [Kim], I said this is like my bucket list, the one thing I want to do. I want to be the first woman in an Ultimate X match, and she said ‘well, we’re gonna get together an all-women’s match,’ so thankfully I got to be a part of that,” she recalled.

In the months following the Ultimate X Match, Frost requested her release from IMPACT. Subsequently, she took a three-month hiatus from wrestling, including a six-month absence from television — citing a mental deflation as one of the reasons for her time away. Her October appearances at CMLL, though, “reignited” her love for the sport.

“They let me be me. They let me go and ball out,” she told WrestleZone. “I think it was my style of wrestling. It’s fast-paced, it’s athletic, and it was just insane the way their fans appreciate the wrestlers. The arena is huge and fantastic and the fan support was crazy. I got a really good reception there and I think it just made me understand like, ‘Hey, I can do this. I’m actually an okay wrestler, right? I don’t suck.’ So it felt it felt good.”

“It was crazy busy. It was chaos. I had five shows in seven days. Monday we had a show. We slept for three hours. We got on a flight to go to Guadalajara, wrestled, slept three hours, [and] got on a flight back to Mexico City. So it was just like no sleep, we didn’t stop. I got home and I was like, ‘Okay, now I can process.’ I didn’t have time [to process] while I was there, but it definitely reignited my passion for sure.”

In Mexico, Frost represented the United States in a series of five shows at CMLL, including their International Women’s Grand Prix. Given the opportunity to be a part of Team World, the “Ice Cold Killer” and extremely grateful. “It was an honor and a privilege,” she said, “obviously, to represent the US, and I think that was just mind-blowing to me that I felt so unworthy, and then you get a call and they’re like, ‘Hey, we want you to be the [USA] girl.'”

Though she felt like a “nobody in America,” the Mexico fans helped rejuvenate Frost’s spirit, making her feel welcome. “I’m getting stopped in the street, and they’re waiting outside the arena for pictures and autographs. And I was like, ‘This is so wildly different from what I was just experiencing.’ So, that shift happened dramatically and quickly,” she explained.

In November, Frost then made history as the inaugural WrestlePro Women’s Champion. Defeating the likes of Queen Aminata and Freya The Slaya, Frost advanced to the finals of the title tournament. On November 12, she came face-to-face with Australia’s Lena Kross, with the WrestlePro Women’s Championship up for grabs. There, she clinched the win to earn the honor.

“This was another moment where I had wrestled through the tournament, and then once you get closer, you’re like, ‘holy sh-t” when things become real,” Frost explained. “I have a special place for WrestlePro [and] WrestlePro Alaska. So, we went up there. I love the company. I love the wrestlers, I love the promoter. It’s a big deal to be the women’s champion, but you’re setting the bar and setting the tone to everyone that comes through the door. I think it’s a big responsibility, and it was a big deal to me to get that far and then wrestle someone as talented as Lena.”

“She was amazing. I would have that match over and over… It was back and forth and I can’t wait for her to come back and or me go to Australia. Actually, I think I’d prefer that one first. It was an awesome match, It took a lot out of us…It was a great match, and man, it was an incredible feeling [to win].”

As Frost soon heads into 2023, she hopes to “get her name out there,” with a special desire for more international opportunities. “I just want to be fulfilled inside the ring, and travel,” she said.

Check out some free-to-watch full-length matches from Lady Frost’s career below, including her aforementioned bouts with Jody Threat and Queen Aminata.

Lady Frost vs. Jody Threat

Greektown Pro Wrestling “RVD Vs. Decker” — April 10, 2022

Lady Frost vs. Queen Aminata (WrestlePro Women’s Championship Tournament First Round)

WrestlePro “WrestlePro SeptemBrawl” — September 9, 2022

Ultimate X Match

IMPACT Wrestling “Hard To Kill” — January 8, 2022

Lady Frost vs. Tasha Steelz

Battle Club Pro “May The Franchise Reign: Show 1” — May 29, 2021

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