WWE SmackDown Results

WWE SmackDown Results (11/11/22)

WWE SmackDown Results

November 11, 2022

Report by Lovell Porter for Wrestlezone.com

Undisputed Tag Team Championship Match: The Uso (c) vs. The New Day

Jey’s hand is heavily taped. He may have broken bones in his hand. After a tackle dropdown spot, Kingston floors Jey with a flying back elbow. Woods and Kingston unicorn stampede in the corner. Woods sends Jey flying off the apron. Kingston flattens both Usos with the falling star splash off the top. After the break, Jimmy holds Kingston in place as Jey sails through the ropes with a suicide dive. The Usos work over Kingston.

Kingston surprises Jey with a springboard dropkick. Jimmy gets dumped out of the ring. Kingston tries to dive tag in Woods, but Jey pulls Woods off the apron. Jimmy and Jey continue their beatdown of Kingston. After the break, Kingston tags in Woods. Woods clears the ring. Woods blasts Jimmy with the Gut Check. Jimmy kicks out. Kingston and Woods land a flurry of offense to Jimmy. Woods drops a leg off the top. Jimmy kicks out of Kingston’s pin. Boom drop by Kingston.

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Kingston misses Trouble in Paradise. Jey tags in and walks right into the SOS from Kingston. Jey kicks out. Kingston is apoplectic. Jey surprises Kingston with an enziguri. Woods gets a blind tag. Jey avoids Woods’ tornado DDT attempt. The Usos double superkick Kingston and Woods. The Usos hit their patented double Usos Splash, but Woods kicks out. The Usos call for the 1D. Kingston breaks it up. Outside the ring, The New Day hit the Midnight hour on Jey.

Woods hits a tornado DDT on Jimmy. Woods and Kingston hit the Midnight hour on Jimmy in the ring. Jey breaks up the pin. All four men face off in the ring, trading punches. Jey sends Woods into the timekeeper’s area with a Superkick. Kingston dives off the top into a 1D by the Usos. Jey pins Kingston for the win.

Winners and STILL Undisputed Tag Team Champions, The Usos!

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