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Jay Lethal: I’ll Be At AEW Until They Fire Me Or The Company Closes

Jay Lethal says he plans to be with All Elite Wrestling for the long haul.

In the past, Lethal has starred with Ring of Honor and TNA/IMPACT Wrestling. As a former ROH World Champion, he was one of the company’s top stars before it went on hiatus after ROH Final Battle 2021. A few weeks after the news of ROH’s looming hiatus broke, Lethal signed with All Elite Wrestling, and he has been featured there ever since. He has also competed for the two ROH pay-per-views since Tony Khan’s acquisition of the company.

Speaking on The Kurt Angle Show, Lethal brought up the importance of loyalty in wrestling when he looked back on the end of his time with TNA. He noted that he believes he would still be there if he didn’t het fired. Likewise, he stated that he’d still be wrestling for ROH if the company hadn’t closed down.

“If I didn’t get fired, part of me still believes me that I’d still be [at TNA] because my dad and I have always talked about being loyal in wrestling and not just going to the highest bidder,” Lethal said. “If a company’s taking good care of you and you like them and you like them and you respect each other and there’s no real issues, you can chat about the money later, but your loyalty and your word has got to mean something.

“I would have been in IMPACT Wrestling, I believe, to this day if they didn’t let me go. Ring of Honor, if they didn’t close down, I would still be wrestling for them to this day. Things happen for a reason.

Lethal then discussed his move to AEW and emphasized that he’ll be with the company until he gets fired or it closes. He stated that, as a wrestler, he feels like he has a bond with the promotion he’s signed to, and he does his best not to break that connection.

“Now I’m at AEW, which is amazing. It’s a godsend, and then they bought Ring of Honor,” Lethal said. “But I’ll be at AEW until the company closes or they let me go or they fire me, one or the other. To me, in wrestling, if I’m gonna put my body and my life and my career on the line for you, I got to appreciate and love you. There’s some bond between us, and I’m gonna try my hardest to not ever break that bond. If you don’t break it, I’m not gonna break it, and we’ll bond forever.”

Lethal and Jeff Jarrett will face Sting and Darby Allin at AEW Full Gear.

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