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Triple H On Future Of WarGames, Survivor Series Elimination Matches: ‘I Don’t Think We’re Done With Anything’

Triple H will see where the future takes us.

During the WWE Survivor Series post-show press conference, Triple H was asked about War Games becoming a permanent fixture at Survivor Series. The match was a yearly staple in NXT, but the 2022 event marked the first time War Games was held on a show featuring the RAW and SmackDown brands.

Triple H said this year’s event was very successful, but they’ll have to evaluate what the future holds for making War Games a yearly staple.

“I think we’ll see. I think it worked out incredibly well tonight. I think it was very exciting. But we’ll see how that goes, sort of in the process of looking at the overall year-to-year calendar and seeing where things go, where they end up. But I believe tonight was very successful, so it makes me feel positive about it, but we’ll see where the future takes us.”

In regards to the traditional Survivor Series elimination tag team matches returning, Triple H said he doesn’t believe anything is finished. This year’s show didn’t have any traditional elimination matches on the card, but Triple H noted how the concept has evolved and the company thought this was the year to freshen things up a bit.

“I don’t think we’re done with anything. I think that when we look at it together as a whole, it’s about what’s best for our fans in the moment. Sometimes stuff needs a break for a while. Sometimes you bring it back later, and it’s iconic, and it’s ‘oh my god, they’re going back to that.’ So to say it will never happen again I think is wrong. We all looked at it and decided internally that it was the right year for us to maybe freshen up the concept a little bit, either the five-on-five tags and maybe even just the straight-out RAW versus SmackDown was a bit tired and maybe needed a refresh. So that’s what we did. We try it out, we see where it goes, we see if fans enjoy it. At the end of the day, we’re just trying to give everybody the best entertainment we can. So we try things on. If they like it, we stick with it. If it needs [a] tweak, we are evaluating everything we do. You have to. Otherwise, you stagnate and die.”

The 2022 event was the first in 20 years that did not feature a traditional Survivor Series elimination match, and just the third one overall. The 2002 event featured the debut of the Elimination Chamber match, and the 1998 event hosted the Deadly Game tournament to crown a new WWE Champion.

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