fuego del sol
Photo Credit: All Elite Wrestling

Fuego Del Sol Sees Himself Managing And Commentating, Wants To Do It All In Wrestling

Fuego Del Sol wants to be more than just a wrestler.

The art of a professional wrestling performance requires collaboration with many moving parts. Along with the in-ring talent, referees, commentators, bookers, and other personnel feverishly work to put it all together. All Elite Wrestling star Fuego Del Sol currently serves as an in-ring wrestler, but he wants to do more in the industry.


In a recent appearance on The AJ Awesome Show, the high-flying superstar was asked which other wrestling job he’d like to fulfill one day.  “I think that’s a fun question because I believe in wrestling, I’m going to do it all,” he said.

“I’m going to manage people, I’m going to commentate, I’m going to be a trainer. I want to train wrestlers eventually. I can see myself doing all facets of wrestling. If God forbid, I ever get seriously injured and can’t wrestle anymore, I can transition to being a referee. I just love being around the sport and the energy of professional wrestling. So, I definitely see myself doing any and everything. The more I get to be around it, the better.”

The 27-year-old first signed with All Elite Wrestling in August 2021, following a title shot against Miro for the TNT Championship. Despite his loss, AEW President Tony Khan and Sammy Guevara emerged with a pleasant offer for Del Sol. Impressed by Fuego Del Sol’s performance, the duo presented him with a contract.

Before his ventures in AEW, Del Sol made a successful run on the independent circuit. Notably, he captured the Sabotage World Championship in 2018, and the IWR Revolutionary Championship the year before.

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