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Women’s Wrestling Wrap-Up: Roxanne Perez Is The Iron Survivor, New ROH Women’s Champion, Michelle Green Interview

Roxanne Perez wins the Iron Survivor Challenge. Athena clutches the ROH Women’s Championship. Alexa Bliss becomes the number one contender for the RAW Women’s Championship. WrestleZone chats with Michelle Green, and more! Let’s break it down in this week’s edition of Women’s Wrestling Wrap-Up!

Roxanne Perez Is The Women’s Iron Survivor

In a revolutionary new match type, five men and five women competed in their respective Iron Survivor Challenge this past weekend at NXT Deadline. The women kicked off the show, vying for a future title opportunity against NXT Women’s Champion, Mandy Rose.  Cora Jade, Indi Hartwell, Zoey Stark, Kiana James, and Roxanne Perez would then battle to score the most falls, while also trying to avoid a penalty box, which forced them out of the match for 90 seconds.

In the brutal, aggressive quest for points, each woman brought out their best maneuvers. In the end, the challenge was close, resulting in a 2-1-1-1-o score. The deciding point came when Roxanne Perez landed her signature Pop Rox (Code Red) move on Cora Jade, earning the pinfall, and sending Jade to the penalty box.

Following that, it was a scramble for the others to catch up and force a tie. As Jade returned to the ring, she delivered a DDT, but Perez wisely rolled out of the ring, as the 25-minute clock counted down to zero.

“The Prodigy” will now go on to challenge Mandy Rose for the NXT Women’s Championship. As of this writing, Rose is also four days away from surpassing Shayna Baszler as the second-longest reigning NXT Women’s Champion. Assuming Rose doesn’t drop her title on tonight’s of edition NXT, she will soon extend her 400+ reign into the history books.

A brief recap of the closing moments of the match can be read below, courtesy of our live coverage page.

Perez blasts Stark with a roaring European uppercut. Perez lands a dive that takes out Hartwell. Jade dives off the top onto Perez and Hartwell. Stark springboard to the top and flattens everyone with a crossbody. Stark sends James back into the ring. Everyone lands a big move. Perez hits Pop Rox on Jade for the pin. Jade has to go to the box.

Everyone goes for quick pins. No one can hold anyone down for a three-count. Hartwell and Perez fall out of the ring. Stark goes up top. James cuts her off. James hits a Spanish Fly off the top. Jade hits the ring and tries to steal the pin. Stark kicks out. Jade DDTs Perez, but Perez rolls out of the ring as time expires!

Winner and the Women’s Iron Survivor, Roxanne Perez!

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New ROH Women’s Champion Crowned At Final Battle

“The Fallen Goddess” continues her mean streak.

Athena recently ditched her wings to pursue a more aggressive route to her next goal: the ROH Women’s Championship. After weeks of attacking her opponents post-match and yearning for a title shot, Athen was finally granted a chance at gold at ROH Final Battle.

On December 10, Athena faced off against the recently returned Mercedes Martinez with the title on the line. The seasoned veterans battled back and forth, but Athena’s ruthless approach ultimately shifted the momentum in her favor. As Martinez attempted a Dragon Sleeper submission, Athena countered with a bite, before following up with a vicious knee to Martinez’s face. In the end, Athena utilized a dropkick to send Martinez crashing into an exposed turnbuckle, then landing the O-Face to secure the victory and the ROH Women’s Championship.

With this win, Athena earns her first major singles title since winning the WWE NXT Women’s Championship in 2017. She also currently holds the Warrior Wrestling Women’s Championship but hasn’t defended the independent wrestling title since June.

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#1 Contender Determined For RAW Women’s Championship

Bayley and Alexa Bliss battled last night with some high stakes on WWE RAW. The winner would earn the title of number one contender for the RAW Women’s Championship, guaranteeing a future title shot against reigning champion, Bianca Belair. The week prior, the two women emerged victorious in their respective triple threat matches, allowing them to further advance in the hunt for a number one contender. Bayley overcame some stiff competition against Rhea Ripley and Asuka, as Bliss pinned Nikki Cross as Becky Lynch was distracted by Damage CTRL in their match.

“The EST” Bianca Belair looked on from ringside as Bliss and Bayley fought back and forth. “The Man” Becky Lynch soon appeared, taking IYO SKY and Dakota Kai out of Bayley’s corner, and leveling the playing field for Alexa Bliss. In the end, Bliss landed her signature Twisted Bliss, ensuring her first televised singles title shot in nearly two years.

Following the match, Belair approached Bliss with a handshake as a sign of respect. However, Bliss beckoned for a hug just as Bray Wyatt’s logo flashed on the Titanton behind Belair. As the two embraced, Bliss briefly transitioned Belair into a Sister Abigail, before coming back to reality. Belair stood confused as Bliss then shook off the short personality shift, which has been teased for weeks now.

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