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Booker T On Mandy Rose’s Release: It’s A Corporate Thing, Hopefully She Can Find Her Way Back To WWE

Booker T weighs in on WWE releasing Mandy Rose.

WWE released former NXT Women’s Champion Mandy Rose on December 14 after the company found out she was posting explicit content on her FanTime page. Fightful Select reported that “WWE officials felt they were put in a tough position” due to the type of content that she was posting behind the paywall. Now, WWE Hall of Famer and NXT commentator Booker T has provided his thoughts on the situation on his podcast, The Hall of Fame.

“It’s a bad situation, the company being put in a situation where they had to do something about it, Mandy Rose putting herself in a situation,” Booker T said. “‘Put yourself in a situation,’ I say that all the time. That’s real. You put yourself in a situation and something happens. That’s exactly what happened here.”

Booker T then described he watched Rose from the beginning when she started her career on Tough Enough in 2015. He discussed her run on the main roster and noted that her subsequent run on NXT was “awesome”. Booker then shared his belief that the money she had been making outside of her WWE career will “always be there” for Rose.

“Things didn’t work out on the main roster, she went back to NXT and has been banging for the past 413 days as champion and created one of the most awesome runs for a female that we’ve seen in decades,” he said. “She put herself in a great position to be looked at as a major superstar like Trish Stratus. People are going to remember Trish forever from WWE and what she’s done in the ring.

“Trust me, Trish Stratus, now, is able to do all of that, OnlyFans or whatever else, and is going to be able to make more money from being a WWE Superstar for so many years. What I’m saying is, I hate it because that money was going to always be there for Mandy Rose.”

Booker noted that he doesn’t know Rose’s financial situation, but he believes her star would’ve continued rising in WWE and could’ve demanded more money as a result. He also expressed his hope that Rose will return to WWE at some point.

“It’s a corporate thing. It has nothing to do with anything other than that. It’s a corporate thing,” he said. “Hopefully, Mandy Rose can find her way back to WWE. Something like this can blow over. It’s up to Mandy in order to make something like this right, more than anything. She’s very sexual, but working for WWE—they go together in aspects—but in certain aspects, certain things you’re not going to get away with.”

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