Mark Sterling BTE
Image Credit: Mark Sterling/Being The Elite

Mark Sterling: I’ve Saved Christmas Before, I Can Save You Too

Call “Smart” Mark Sterling for your legal needs this holiday season. After all, he saved Christmas, and he can save you, too.

On the newest episode of Being The Elite, “Smart Mark” got some airtime, and he used it for a commercial or his law office. He questioned if anyone has had their grandmother being run over by a reindeer, felt the sting of prejudice because they’re a “misfit toy”, or been deprived of the two front teeth they deserve. Sterling stated that it may be the holidays, but he’s still working. He then cued up a testimonial from his client, Nick, who was apparently Santa.

Nick recalled how he got in a sleigh accident in Pittsburgh a few years ago, and he thought Christmas was ruined because the toys were gone. He then noted that Sterling got him a settlement so fast that he was able to Amazon the rest of the toys, so Christmas was saved.

“I saved Christmas, and I can save you, too,” Sterling said. “Call now, and happy holidays.”

The video also included Nick thanking Sterling and ringing a bell.

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