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Taya Valkyrie Is Interested In Learning The Writing & Production Processes Of Wrestling

Taya Valkyrie plans to lend her creative mind to new aspects of wrestling someday.

“La Wera Loca” dominated the professional wrestling landscape in 2022, racking up five different championships across major promotions. Beyond in-ring competition, though, Valkyrie previously expressed her interest in taking on a backstage creative role — an attribute she exemplifies in her work outside the wrestling world. In 2022, Valkyrie’s co-created short film, The Iron Sheik Massacre, officially hit film festivals. Since 2020, she has produced and grown her streetwear brand, “LOCA By Taya Valkyrie.”


Valkyrie recently confirmed she’d consider dabbling into more creative departments of professional wrestling as well. “Honestly, I think this is such an interesting business and I clearly have an interest in television, production, movies, and stuff like that,” she said on the Retro Chat Podcast. “So, I definitely want to learn. Not necessarily throw myself into it now because I still love being in the ring constantly. I’m obsessed, clearly. I really want to learn about the aspect of writing for wrestling and how that creative process works and pick Jimmy Jacobs’ brain and be like, ‘tell me all the things.'”

“Also, just the production aspect of it. There are so many moving parts and you don’t really get a chance to see that when you’re an in-ring competitor because you’re doing all these other things. I slowly want to start learning how to do that stuff. Why not? I feel more women should be in positions to be involved in those sides of the business and agent and do different things, be part of different creative teams. I think I would be really great for that. So, I just want to learn and I feel life is about continuing to learn, no matter what. I’m going to continue to do that.”

Valkyrie currently stands as one-half of the IMPACT Knockouts Tag Team Champions. In addition, she remains the longest reigning Knockouts Champion, eventually dethroned by Jordynne Grace. Grace has since then picked the title up again, with many fans hoping for another bout between herself and Valkyrie. Since the two last faced off one-on-one in 2020, Valkyrie believes she’s changed a lot since then. In turn, it’ll bring “a whole new dynamic” if they battled once again.

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