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Billy Corgan Discusses The Challenges Of Coordinating Gimmicks With Other Companies

NWA President Billy Corgan discusses working with other companies.

In recent years, the NWA has worked with other companies; it collaborated with several promotions for the EmPowerrr event in 2021, and it continues to collaborate with other promotions. Among other examples, NWA will host a show with AAA in March.


Speaking with Steve Fall of WrestlingNewsCo, Corgan was asked to describe how talent contracts coming up could affect the NWA in the year ahead. He stated that, every year, some performers leave to go elsewhere, while others are released. Corgan noted that the NWA is part of the open market like everyone else, and he believes, based on what talent has told him, that NWA is a desirable landing spot because of the freedom it offers.

“I think every year, you have this rollover where some talents go up to WWE and AEW. Other talents are released and find themself in the open ecosystem. So I think we’re on the open market like anybody else. I think we’ve done a good job of bringing in people who maybe don’t want to go back and kind of work for the same type of situation that they just came out of it. Maybe they want to come at it from a different place.

“I do talk to a lot of professional wrestlers that say they love coming to NWA because it rekindles their love of professional wrestling because they feel they have the freedom to figure out who their character is and their identity, and bring that back in the ring. I think that’s really to the benefit of the product that we’re presenting.”

The NWA President emphasized that he’s open to doing business’ with anyone who wants to, but he pointed out that these collaborations can be difficult when some promotions treat it as a one-way street. Corgan was also asked about potentially working with Major League Wrestling and/or IMPACT Wrestling. He responded by stating that NWA has been working with MLW, as Davey Richard has defended his MLW National Openweight Championship on multiple NWA shows. Corgan also noted that NWA has had discussions with IMPACT’s Scott D’Amore before he described how having wrestlers compete for multiple companies can be detrimental to their on-screen characters.

“We have been working with MLW, actually. MLW gave us permission to have Davey Richards and defend his National Openweight Championship on a pay-per-view. So we’ve had a good relationship,” Corgan said. “We have worked with IMPACT here and there. We have had discussions with Scott D’Amore. Nothing’s come to fruition. But you know, the good thing about then is I think their product continues to improve. Their roster is very strong right now. We have some wrestlers that actually work for both promotions. Max and Sinister Minister James Mitchell, we put them together here, and now they’ve working over at IMPACT.

“Because of the way contracts work and stuff like that, talents do move around, and I think we are kind of coming back a little bit in that territorial thing. I think the only difficult thing with that, and that’s why I do like coordination, is sometimes you get this weird thing where characters are going one way on your television and another way on somebody else’s television. I think that’s actually to the detriment of the talent more so than the promotions because it does sort of weaken the kayfabe aspect of a particular talent. So I do like that type of coordination if we can arrange it.”

NWA is currently gearing up for the Nuff Said pay-per-view on February 11. WrestleZone will have coverage of the show as it airs.

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