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Big Bill: People Don’t Realize How Difficult WWE Developmental Actually Is, It Brought Out The Best In Me

Big Bill doesn’t think people understand how much hard work goes down in WWE developmental to get new talents ready for the main roster.

All Elite Wrestling’s Big Bill was a recent guest on Comedy Store Wrestling to discuss a wide variety of subjects. When asked about his time in developmental with WWE, Bill said people don’t see the hard work that goes on behind the scenes with something like that.


“I guess I’ve always been performing, ever since I was younger. When I first got to WWE, I was in FCW. People don’t see the hard work that went in there. No one really watched it, no one really knows much about it, but that’s where the hard work was done,” Big Bill said. “It’s blow-up drills every day and promo class with Dusty Rhodes, and everybody had to go the gym at a certain time. People don’t talk about that enough. That was probably the hardest part is when I first got there, just how hard we worked to even get an opportunity in NXT to make it to the main roster.

“A lot of fans at home, they see, ‘Oh, they were on NXT, they did great, they went right to the main roster.’ Fans don’t see the real nitty gritty hard work that goes in, and people have their jobs threatened. People don’t really realize how difficult it is behind the cameras and on those days that there isn’t a television show. I think just the hard work there and the pressure of constantly, I guess, trying to keep your job, starting out early brought out the best in me, and I guess gave me a confidence.”

While being seven foot tall helped him stand out, Bill admitted that when he first started, he wasn’t a very good in-ring performer.

“My wrestling wasn’t very good when I first started, but going to promo class every week when I got to FCW, I realized pretty quickly that I was pretty good in comparison to everyone else. Ever since then, I’ve had confidence. Obviously, there’s a lot better guys out there, but I’ve always been very confident with the performing side of things. I don’t consider myself to be a funny person; I don’t really know what’s funny, but what I did the other night, I was just kind of performing, and people thought it was funny. The performing part, I’m very confident in.”

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