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Otis: Whataburger Is Not Even A Restaurant, It’s Just An Amazing Place To Be

Otis does a lot of impressive things in the squared circle, but his daily food schedule is truly something to behold.

RAW Superstar Otis recently spoke with Instinct Culture by Denise Salcedo about a wide variety of subjects. When asked about his typical daily food schedule, Otis detailed the large amount of food he consumes on a daily basis.

“I mean, it does depend on the hours and travel. I mean, I gotta have my toast in the morning. I’m a really big weirdo. I love just like eight sunny-side-up eggs with English muffins or with bagels; I just dip it in there. With a side of sausage. A very good and hearty breakfast. Then with lunch, I gotta have a sandwich. I love an Italian-style sandwich, cold-cut sandwiches. I love the olive oil on there.

“Then, for dinner time. It’s got to be some kind of — I’ve been really bad with fish lately. I can eat shrimp. I’ve lost my salmon tastebuds. So now I’m just pure beef, chicken, and pork. So yeah, especially something with bacon and beef at nighttime, baby. Oh yeah, and pasta. I love pasta. It’s a toss-up between chicken alfredo or beef burgundy, that’s a recipe, and it’s not beef stroganoff; it’s a little different. But it’s very, very juicy beef.”

When asked what his favorite go-to restaurant is, Otis admitted he’s a big fan of Whataburger and their number three combo.

“Oh baby. Go to restaurant,” Otis pondered. “I’m a huge, huge fan of Whataburger. Yes. The sweet and spicy baby, number three. Want to get nice and juicy and dirty? You order that burger, baby. It’s not even a restaurant. It’s just an amazing place to be.”

When asked about the current rise of popularity of The Alpha Academy, Otis believes the fans can see that they’re having fun together, which creates a great tag team dynamic on television.

“Yeah, we’re getting there,” Otis admitted. “I think with him doing a lot of shooshing, him doing a lot of thank yous, and me doing a lot of shaking about in the wrestling squared circle. Yes. I mean, I feel like when I see two best friends in real life, they see two — I would say like two hearts one soul, you’re all on the same page. And the fans see that. I think they do, and when they see you having fun out there. They have twice as much fun because, again, I got his back. I know he has my back. You know, a true true true tag team. The fans can smell it, and it smells good.”

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