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Charlotte Flair Opens Up About Dental Issues That Kept Her Sidelined In 2022, Says It’s Still Not Done

“The Queen” sought to reclaim her crown, but first, she had some personal business to take care of.

Following her loss to Ronda Rousey at WrestleMania Backlash last May, Charlotte Flair stepped away from the ring for nearly eight months. Flair would tie the knot with Andrade El Idolo later that same month, but it was dental issues that extended her absence even further.


In a recent interview on Out of Character with Ryan Satin, the SmackDown Women’s Champion opened up about the multiple procedures she underwent, targeting her ongoing dental issues.

“I have three implants and one of them failed,” she said. “Like a week before the wedding, literally a week before the wedding, the implant failed. So actually, during my ceremony, I had 22 stitches up here because they had to cut out the — when it failed, it was an infection. So then over the summer, [I had] bone grafting, two gum grafting procedures.”

“Everyone’s like, why were you gone? I mean, dental issues are hard to explain … and it’s still not done,” Flair revealed. “I’m probably going to have to replace that third implant that we tried to save.”

Flair continued, explaining the long, and complicated journey with her teeth.

“The first time I had my teeth knocked out, I was like six years old, and I was riding my bike, fell over the handlebars, knocked out all four. We found three, put two in milk, saved the three, one was gone. Just couldn’t find it until I got home. We took off my hoodie and it just fell out of like the hoodie. Then, obviously, two ended up dying. Then, all-star cheerleading in middle school, seventh grade, one girl knocked it out. Her nickname was ‘Duck.’ The next year, she knocked them out again. Then I knocked them out in Germany with Carmella. So, it’s been a process. It’s so stressful.”

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