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Photo Credit: All Elite Wrestling

Jon Moxley Wants To Bring Ohio Back To The Glory Days, Says It’s An Underserved Market For Wrestling

Jon Moxley wants to bring Ohio back to prominence as a pro wrestling hotbed.

All Elite Wrestling star Jon Moxley was a guest on ESPN WING 1410’s The Justin Kinner Show to promote AEW’s Dynamite/Rampage taping in Dayton, Ohio. During the call, Moxley spoke about his Ohio roots and said he wants to keep bringing AEW back to the region to make it a big wrestling area once again.

“I was happy to bring Dynamite to Cincinnati recently, about an hour south, and now this is step two trying to take over Ohio. I’d like this to be a really big area for [AEW] here in the Midwest. We’re right in the middle of Chicago and Indianapolis, Michigan and Cleveland, we’re right here in the middle so it’s a good place for fans from all over the Midwest to come,” Moxley explained. “I’m trying to make it to where Ohio is the place that gets — I feel like we’re an underserved market. [I want] to get the big pay-per-views, the Dynamites, stuff like that. We haven’t gotten that the last decade or so, Cincinnati and Dayton have been ‘another town on the loop’ so to speak. I’d like to return this area to the glory days, this was actually a really big hotbed for wrestling.”

Moxley then spoke about how he continues to take independent bookings, making sporadic appearances for GCW and The Wrestling Revolver. The latter is owned by Sami Callihan, Moxley’s former partner and friend for nearly 20 years.

“One thing I’m trying to do on the independent scene is with my former tag team partner, Sami Callihan, who is from Ohio as well. He wrestles for IMPACT Wrestling, me and him have been working with Wrestling Revolver, which is another smaller independent promotion where you see a lot of current stars, myself, Sami, Wheeler Yuta from the Blackpool Combat Club, guys like that, and future stars that haven’t been on TV yet. [Wrestling Revolver had a show on February 2] and you can see stars of the future,” Moxley explained. “It’s a totally different atmosphere.”

Sami Callihan recently spoke with WrestleZone about Wrestling Revolver’s latest event, A Night At The Moxbury. Callihan said that he and Moxley have been friends for nearly 20 years, and it helps that they have similar visions for professional wrestling.

“With Moxley, I fell into a really good spot that nine out of ten times, he’s always going to be there helping out at Wrestling Revolver shows, either wrestling or doing something because he believes in the vision as much as I do. Right now, I’m one of the only independent promotions on the planet—I have a great relationship with IMPACT Wrestling, I have a great relationship with AEW, I have a great relationship with New Japan,” Callihan said. “I have good relationships with other Japanese wrestling companies and pretty much every major company on the planet. We’re one of the only companies where you’re going to be able to see stars from everywhere all around the world, including the television companies in the United States, working under one roof specifically.”

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