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Alex Hammerstone Promises Bells And Whistles And Violence In MLW Underground Premiere

MLW World Heavyweight Champion Alex Hammerstone previews his clash with EJ Nduka.

Hammerstone spoke with WrestleZone to promote the premiere of MLW Underground on Reelz, where he will defend his championship against EJ Nduka in the main event. Underground is a new show that MLW owner Court Bauer promises will be “all killer, no filler”, and it’s a sentiment that Hammerstone agrees with.

“Court [Bauer]’s really good at always introducing some new elements and almost kind of overall overarching thematic presence to certain different eras of MLW. There were eras where it felt very, very like MMA grounded. Then there was the Cesar Duran era where we kind of came — there was more of this cinematic, dark element to things. Moving forward with Underground, I’m still kind of waiting to see what that’s going to develop, what that’s going to flourish into and how it’s going to get its legs underneath it,” Hammerstone said. “But I have no doubt, like Court said, that it’ll be all killer, no filler.”

Alex Hammerstone versus EJ Nduka has been brewing for several months, and the two will finally meet on the first episode of Underground. Asked what fans can expect from the match, Hammerstone said that it will be full of bells and whistles … and violence.

“It’s one that people were very curious about, people are clamoring for. You introduce a character such as EJ Nduka a big, strong powerhouse guy. That’s kind of the role, the shoes I’ve been feeling for a couple of years now. So, you’ve got to have a curiosity of what would happen if and now we have those two titans clashing. Then you introduce the fact that it’s a Last Man Standing match, which means anything goes. There’s going to be some bells and some whistles,” Hammerstone noted, “and by bells and whistles, I mean, chairs and tables. There’s going to be some violence and it’s going to be a good main event.”

A few of Hammerstone’s recent feuds have been with former allies that turned on him, including Nduka and Richard Holliday. Joking that he might need to reel in the circle of people he trusts, Hammerstone said he doesn’t have too many friends left in MLW but he might need them if he wants any more opponents.

“I think the saving grace is that I don’t have any friends left at the company, which probably means I need to start making some more friends if I’m going to have future title matches,” Hammerstone quipped. “You know what? Microman, let’s be friends. You could jump me and challenge me any time, and I’ll punch you back into the audience.” [laughs]

Tune into the MLW Underground premiere on Reelz on Tuesday, February 7. 

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