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PCO Teases That His Gimmick Could Potentially Be The Greatest Character in Wrestling

PCO is enjoying his time in IMPACT Wrestling, and he has high hopes for his character.

PCO made his debut with the arrival of Honor No More at IMPACT Hard To Kill 2022. Alongside Matt Taven, Mike Bennett, Vincent, Maria Kanellis, and later additions Kenny King and Eddie Edwards, PCO was featured on IMPACT programming throughout the year. After the group broke up, Edwards buried PCO in the desert, but “The French Frankenstein” returned at IMPACT Hard To Kill 2023.


Speaking with Denise Salcedo of Instinct Culture, PCO looked back on his first year with the company and discussed his decision to re-sign. He emphasized that IMPACT’s handle on his character was a key factor in his decision.

“Yeah, basically the first year that I was with IMPACT, we took it three months at a time or something like that, and I really enjoyed my time with IMPACT,” PCO said. “I really thought that was the best company. The company knew creatively where to go with my character, what to do what really I had inside myself. They kind of were able to read me off, and that’s a lot to me. That means a lot to me. That was one of the strongest points that made me re-sign for a full year with IMPACT because they exactly knew what they had to do in order to make this thing really, really, really work.”

PCO also noted that he has enjoyed his time with IMPACT. and he likes the way the whole company is on-board with his character. He stated that everyone has been coming up with great ideas, and while he sometimes wishes they could speed the story up, he appreciates the way IMPACT is planting seeds and letting them grow.

“I mean a lot of things, but I can tell you a few things, like we had redone the whole okay, PCO is dead,” he said. “We’re gonna give him some current like put the electricity on him put him back to life. So they did my entrance video like that with Vinnie, where he kind of revived me and everything. That was one strong point,” PCO said. “Then the way that I can wrestle in the ring too. I can wrestle as much as I want as the monster with the style that I want. I mean, everybody’s on the bandwagon with it: every producer, the promoters. Like everybody, the whole company, the roster, everybody’s with it.

“So it’s not like, say, ‘Well, wait a minute, I shouldn’t be doing this or I should be doing that.’ Sometimes even producers or people within the roster, they’ll come up with great ideas. So that’s another great thing. When Eddie [Edwards] buried me in the desert was awesome. A cinematic fight in the desert. That was awesome. The turn against Honor No More, that was great. Sometimes as a character, we think things could go faster, but in the meantime, I think it’s perfect the way they did it. Sometimes you want as myself, I’m like, ‘Okay, I wish it could be a little faster.’ But I think it’s good, the fact that we plant something and we let it grow before we reap it. So I think it’s the perfect timing.”

Moving forward, PCO teased that the evolution of his gimmick could be “the greatest character in professional wrestling ever”, as he believes that there’s nothing like it in the business.

“I mean, and the other big part of it is the part that we haven’t seen yet,” PCO said. “I think there’s so much potential. We’ve been discussing a lot of it lately with a lot of people on creative. I have the confidence that we can go there. Once we go there, I think it’s going to be the greatest character in professional wrestling ever. I don’t think any other character can approach that character as far as what it is and potential what the characters got in potential in store. It’s crazy.”

PCO will be in action on the February 9 episode of IMPACT Wrestling; check out the card here.

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