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Nick Aldis Was Nervous About The Reaction To NWA 73 Cold Open: John Goodman Did The Voiceover, It Can’t Suck

Nick Aldis explains how John Goodman ended up narrating an important event in NWA history.

During a recent interview with Dominic DeAngelo for, Nick Aldis spoke about how the legendary actor ended up narrating the cold open to the NWA 73 pay-per-view. Aldis said that it was an important event for him as he was doing more behind-the-scenes in the NWA, and it’s something he wants to do more as he advances in his professional career.

“I get as much pride — I’ll tell you this, it came up in conversation yesterday. We had some friends over and we were playing Cards Against Humanity, and [his name] came up. I said, ‘I love John Goodman. Did I ever tell you guys…’ and I told them about John Goodman doing the voiceover for the cold open that I made for [NWA 73]. They were just like [blown away] and I said my friend Steve just threw it out there, ‘I could text John Goodman and he might do it.’ I’m like, ‘shut up…’ and then the next thing you know, I have an email in my inbox and it’s from John Goodman. ‘Hey Nick, I hope this is OK.’ [I was stunned] I just played it right there and I was shaking because John Goodman just read my script,” he explained. “I just wrote a voiceover script and John Goodman read it and now I’m going to make this cold open with him doing the narration for it. That’s nuts.

“When we put that out, I was so nervous about how that was going to be received because I was like ‘if this gets criticized, I’m not worried about myself. But what if — John Goodman did the voiceover for this thing, it can’t suck. Fortunately, it was really well-received, or I thought it was,” Aldis stated. “I get just as much satisfaction out of doing that sort of stuff as I do from working [in the ring],” Aldis said. “Professionally, I think that’s beginning to be a bit more well-known, which is good for me because as I start looking ahead toward the next five years, ten years, that’s definitely where I want to be focusing my efforts.”

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