barry horowitz

Barry Horowitz Makes IMPACT Wrestling Debut

Horowitz wins, Horowitz wins, Horowitz wins!

Barry Horowitz may be the most famous loser in the history of wrestling. However, the beauty of wrestling is that on any given night, any Superstar can beat anyone. Johnny Swinger is obsessed with trying to gain 50 wins in IMPACT to get a world title shot, and thanks to Horowitz and the KISS Demon, that did not start on February 16.


Instead, Barry picked up a victory over Swinger.

Here’s how it all went down courtesy of our live coverage:

Johnny Swinger vs. Barry Horowitz

As Swinger attempts to hit 50 wins, Zicky Dice introduces his next opponent – Barry Horowitz. Barry barely walks down the ramp, and Swinger takes it to him when the bell rings. Barry manages to throw punches in the corner. Swinger goes for a neckbreaker, but The Demon walks out onto the stage. Barry rolls Swinger up for the win.

Winner: Barry Horowitz

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