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Austin Theory Promises A ‘Warm Welcome’ To Raw For John Cena On 3/6

Austin Theory is determined to prove to John Cena that he is “The Now.”


WWE recently announced that John Cena would return to Monday Night Raw on Monday, March 6. In response to this news, Austin Theory was very upset to see that John Cena had taken some headlines that, in his mind, should belong to him after he retained his WWE United States Championship inside the Elimination Chamber.

Following his defeat of Edge on Monday, February 20, Austin Theory promised to give John Cena a very warm welcome back to Monday Night Raw come March 6. 

“I entered the Elimination Chamber this year, my second Elimination Chamber, and I beat five of the best in the WWE, but that wasn’t enough for me. You know why? Because I’ve got work ethic. I outwork everybody,” Austin said in direct response to something Edge had claimed about him following WWE Elimination Chamber. “I out-train everybody, eat more meals than everybody,  stay on top of everything. Guess what? Moved on from that Elimination Chamber victory, and I showed up on my show, Monday Night Raw, [and] in an open challenge for the champ’s title, I beat ‘The Rated R Superstar’, Mr. Hall of Famer himself, Edge. So yes, I feel good.” 

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Turning his attention to John Cena, Theory was certain that he had taken over the headlines now and made it clear that he would be setting his sights on John Cena in March.

“The headlines now? Oh, they certainly read, ‘Austin Theory is ‘The Now’ and the forever of WWE,’ and that little John Cena thing, two weeks away; I can’t wait for that. I can’t wait to bring him home and give him a warm, warm welcome to Monday Night Raw. Do you want to know why? because things are a little different around here now. Now, ‘The Now.’ Remember that.

The last time John Cena was on Raw was Monday, June 27, 2022. On that night, John Cena snubbed Austin Theory and refused to take a selfie with him. Now, Austin Theory is ready for his revenge.

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