Mercedes Moné
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Mercedes Moné: I’m A Free Agent And I Can Do What I Want, It Depends On The Bag

Mercedes Moné says it’s all about the bag.

Moné made her NJPW debut at Wrestle Kingdom 17, and she beat KAIRI to win the IWGP Women’s Championship at NJPW Battle in the Valley on February 18.

Speaking at Planet Comicon 2023 (via COOLTOY), Moné discussed her title win and stated that it still felt surreal to her. She stated that she wants her reign to be special, and she wants to be a world champion by defending the gold around the globe. Moné stated that she is a free agent, so she can do whatever she wants, and her path forward depends on “the bag”, though she is making a list.

“It is full circle. It’s still kind of surreal to me,” Moné said. “I never expected to be in a different company. I really want to make this something so special, and I really want to take this title all over the world and defend it everywhere, not just in New Japan. I’m a free agent. I can do whatever I want, any time I want, any company I want. It just depends on the bag. It depends on the bag and the money. I’m taking a list, I’m checking it twice. I’m making sure which check I want to put in which bank account because I’ve got many.

Moné then detailed how being free is “beautiful” because she can do everything and make money from various places. She stated that she was determined to evolve from a “boss” intoa a CEO, and that has driven her in her exploration of a number of ventures.

“I’ve got a lot of funds,” Moné said. “That’s the beautiful thing about being free. I get to do everything and have many funds come from many, many places from all over the world. I get the yen, I get the rubies, I get the pesos, I get the dollars, and I’m really, really enjoying my time in my career because this is something so different, and I really want to elevate myself to a whole new level. I really knew that I am the greatest of all time. Last year, I was thinking, how do I become more to wrestling? Can I be more? What’s next? How can I evolve? When you are a boss, that’s pretty high. That’s the standard. Everybody wants to be a boss, but I wanted to evolve even more and become a CEO. “

Moné noted that she started her own CBD business, as she continues to evolve and pursue various projects. When asked about her goals, she emphasized that she hopes to take her title everywhere and face any number of competitors. Moné then stated that she wants to win more titles around the world.

“My goal this year is to really take this everywhere and just see who’s the best out there in the world,” Moné said. “But there are so many talented women’s wrestlers that I want to have an opportunity to wrestle. I’m just waiting for them to step up to the plate and challenge Mercedes Mone because I’m ready to defend this, for real, everywhere. That’s on my bucket list this year, and to win more titles all over the world.”

Moné also expressed her interest in doing more acting and exploring other opportunities.

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