KSI WWE WrestleMania 39
Image Credit: WWE

KSI Appears In PRIME Suit, Seth Rollins Beats Logan Paul At WrestleMania 39

KSI showed up at WWE WrestleMania 39 and tried to help Logan Paul score a major win, but his efforts were in vain.

At WrestleMania 39, Paul battled Seth Rollins in a heated grudge match. The two stars had been feuding since WWE Royal Rumble 2023, as “The Maverick” eliminated Rollins from the battle royale. Rollins then made harsh comments about Paul in several interviews, prompting Paul to interfere in the Elimination Chamber match and cost the former Universal Champion the bout.

A “The Showcase of the Immortals,” Paul made a remarkable entrance, as he ascended high above the ground and ziplined to the ring. He was accompanied to the ring by a mascot for his PRIME energy drink.

For Rollins’ entrance, he had a conductor kick off a special version of his theme.

Rollins and Paul battled it out in a hard-fought match. Paul showcased his impressive athleticism throughout the contest, and he nearly scored the win with a stiff punch. Rollins took control and had Paul on the ropes, but the PRIME mascot pulled “The Maverick” out of the ring. The mascot was unmasked to reveal that KSI, Paul’s PRIME business partner, was in the suit. KSI grabbed a cell phone and talked trash while Paul went for a frog splash. Rollins moved at the last second, sending KSI through the table.

In the end, Rollins caught Paul in mid-air with a superkick and pinned him with a decisive Stomp to score the victory at WrestleMania.

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