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Britt Baker Never Doubted Thunder Rosa’s Injury, Still Stands By What She Said

Britt Baker is trying to set the record straight when it comes to her issues with Thunder Rosa.

All Elite Wrestling‘s Britt Baker was a recent guest on Busted Open Radio with Dave LaGreca, Mickie James, and Tommy Dreamer to discuss a wide variety of subjects. When asked if her comments about Thunder Rosa on AEW: All Access have made things uncomfortable for her, Baker said it doesn’t because people always twist her words to make it out that she said something she didn’t.

“It’s not because people — it’s just like on Twitter, people twist and turn your words and say that you said something that you didn’t,” Britt Baker said. “All I did on the show was asked if she’s able to travel, and she’s traveling all over the place, and she’s going on Busted Open every week saying I’m still the champion. Why won’t you just come to work? Why can’t you come cut a promo? Why can’t you come do commentary? Why can’t you come just say hi to the locker room?

“Kris Statlander has had her knees blown out for over a year now and she’s there, I think, every single week. I have a very workhorse mentality where I want to be at work. As soon as I’m done at Dynamite, I get on a plane and go to the dental office. So I can’t relate to that mentality is why you don’t want to be at work where you tell everybody you’re the champion of. And I’ll be honest, I’ve asked her that same question twice, and she doesn’t have an answer for me either.

“And it’s not that, oh, I want her to work hurt, or I don’t believe in her injury. There’s none of that. It’s just why not come to the locker room that you’re the champion of when you can? When you have people like Adam Cole, who literally couldn’t travel, he couldn’t even leave the house for weeks.

“It was a huge milestone when he could take a walk up and down the street with his head injury and after he got through a milestone of brain injury. That is what I don’t understand, and people don’t have to agree with me; that’s fine. But I’m a very bold and stubborn individual, and I stand by what I said.”

When LaGreca told Baker that he places their Lights Out match at St. Patrick’s Day Slam as one of his favorite matches of all time, she admitted that meant the world to her, and she felt the same way.

“And that seriously means the world to me, and it’s one of my all-time favorite matches and always will be just because not only what it did for me, what it did for AEW, but just what I believe it really did for women’s wrestling,” Britt Baker said. “And I would never ever take that away from her. I will never say that Thunder Rosa is not a talented wrestler; or that she’s not one of my probably, best opponent. I’ve never spoken ill on any of that.”

When the situation of the interim AEW Women’s World Championship was brought up, Baker made it clear that she’s never said that the interim title situation was Rosa’s fault.

“I never said anything about the interim title stuff being her fault,” Britt Baker said. “But if you can go to Toronto for a convention, and then we go to Toronto two weeks later for AEW Dynamite. I don’t understand how she can go one time but then not with the company and the team that she works for because it is a family, and we have a family member that’s not pulling their weight.

“Even though you can’t wrestle, you can still be there. You can be there and hype your other girls up, hype the locker room up because, guess what, like I said, you are the champion, and that’s a responsibility. It’s not just a shiny title that you can cart around the United States signing autographs for; it’s a responsibility.”

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