Women's Internet Championship Matt Cardona Steph De Lander
Photo Credit: Matt Cardona

Matt Cardona Officially Crowns A Women’s Internet Champion

Internet Champion Matt Cardona has officially crowned the first Women’s Internet Champion.

The former WWE Superstar has been utilizing the internet and social media to get himself over long before it was the trendy thing to do. Recently he’s returned to his roots by temporarily reviving Z! True Long Island Story alongside Steph De Lander and used it to kill off both of their WWE personas.

Cardona followed that up later this week with a video with him as The Rydertaker, where he stalked Steph De Lander in a graveyard where they were supposed to be mourning the loss of Zack Ryder and Persia Pirotta.

The video has been a massive success amassing over a million views in 48 hours. Because of this, Cardona took to social media to announce he’s crowning Steph De Lander as the first Women’s Internet Champion, tweeting out:

“BREAKING NEWS! The debut of The Rydertaker has over 1 Million Views! I’m already the Internet Champion… I am officially crowning @stephdelander the WOMEN’S INTERNET CHAMPION!” Matt Cardona said in a post.

If you missed Matt Cardona’s portrayal as The Rydertaker, you can check it out in the embedded tweet below.

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What do you think of the Internet Women’s Championship? Do you think Steph De Lander is the perfect first holder of such a title? Let us know your thoughts by sounding off in the comments section below.