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Will Ospreay Is Hopeful Something Could Work Out With Him And CM Punk In AEW

Will Ospreay believes the current relationship between All Elite Wrestling and New Japan Pro-Wrestling opens the door to many dream matches in the future.

New Japan Pro-Wrestling‘s Will Ospreay was a recent guest on INSIGHT with Chris Van Vliet to discuss a wide variety of subjects. When asked about having a potential match with CM Punk in All Elite Wrestling, Ospreay said he’s hopeful that something like that could work out in the future.

“Maybe; I have no idea what’s going on. But once again, I’m all about business, and I’m hopeful there’s something that could work out,” Will Ospreay said. “Look, now it’s quite open, especially with the relationship there that AEW has with New Japan. It’s so different to how it was back in 2020. There wasn’t a Forbidden Door back in 2020. Now the relationship has kind of grown, and Kyle and Davis are over there all the time now.”

When asked about doing some matches for All Elite Wrestling last year, Ospreay called the entire experience an eye-opener.

“Doing AEW was a real eye-opener and how TV wrestling works, and the backstage vibes and stuff like that, I was kind of like, ‘Okay, so I guess this is how the American side is now,’” Will Ospreay said. “My only experience with American wrestling was the indies and Ring of Honor, and Ring of Honor, it was like, oh, they’ll just do a really good match. But this is all about camera angles, camera cuts. But it did make me go like, okay, there’s another thing to learn.”

When it was mentioned that the Ospreay we saw in All Elite Wrestling wasn’t the same one we typically see in New Japan, Ospreay said he’s completely changed who he is inside the ring and doesn’t do all of the wild stuff he used to.

“At [my] peak, I could do all my stuff like I used to do,” Will Ospreay said. “I do get it, but I feel like being away so long; what could that Will Ospreay do that Sammy Guevara couldn’t do, that Action Andretti couldn’t do?

“They’ve got all the guys. It’s no shot on them, but they all do the same stuff. It’s all the same style. Not the exact same, but you know what I mean. It’s the same high-risk, high-reward style. I’ve completely changed who I am now. I don’t do as much of the wild sh— I used to.”

Will Ospreay went on to note that he’s evolved his style in New Japan and doesn’t rule out the possibility of evolving himself yet again in the future.

“Because of that booking, because of how I’ve treated myself and worked this match structure and who the guys I’ve been wrestling, I’ve been able to evolve and become this guy,” Will Ospreay said. “It doesn’t mean that I can’t evolve again. I think that’s the thing that’s testing my brain.

“There’s a whole new situation with me now, new partner at home and more family to cater to now. So that’s kind of why there is that small bit of me that is like, if me and New Japan don’t work anything out, I want to learn again, but it is more about them.”

You can check out the full interview in the embedded video below.

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