Will Ospreay
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Will Ospreay: I Can’t Stand Canada, Chris Jericho Is An Asshole

Will Ospreay earned a rematch with Kenny Omega by defeating Lance Archer at NJPW Dominion. The two foes are set to clash in a match for Omega’s IWGP United States Championship, and Ospreay is ready to march into Omega’s homeland.

During an interview following his match at NJPW Dominion, Ospreay shared his thoughts on his looming match with Omega, and he made it clear that he’s not a fan of Canada. He named some examples of famous Canadians, including Chris Jericho, and took issue with them.

“I’m walking into f—- AEW territory once again,” Ospreay said. “Only this time, Kenny, in the Tokyo Dome, I can’t tell you enough, man, you embarrassed me. It was 80% you, 20% Ospreay. We all know it. I left covered in my own blood, shell of a man. Now I’ve got to get revenge. There’s no better place to do it than in your home territory, mate. I’ll say it now, I f—- can’t stand Canada. I genuinely can’t. Where is this f— notion all Canadians are nice? ‘Oh, sorry about that.’ Everyone in Canada is f—- nice. Look at the f— evidence. Chris Jericho, asshole. Don Callis, asshole. El Phantasmo, asshole. Bret Hart just moans all the f— time. I just think all you Canadians are f—- assholes.”

Ospreay emphasized that he’s looking forward into walking into Omega’s territory, as he intends to beat him and prove a point. The former champion stated that he;s the best wrestler in the world, and he needs this more than ever.

“It’s gonna be real f—- good walking into enemy territory, bru,” Ospreay said. “I’m gonna welcome it. I’m at my best, man, I’m a little f— dickhead. I got a point to prove, mate. I don’t care if your heart’s broken and your family’s f— falling apart. Boo hoo. You ripped my heart out and ate it front of me. Only difference is, I’m still breathing. That heart that you ripped out, man, just put it right back in and it’s still beating. The time I’d been away, man I’m an open-heart surgeon. I’m gonna rip your f— heart out and eat it in front of Canada. I need this more than ever, mate. I’ve got to prove a point. I am the best wrestler in the world. It’s time to show up.”

Omega previously beat Ospreay to win the IWGP United States Heavyweight Championship at NJPW Wrestle Kingdom 17.

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