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Matt Cardona Goes To ‘Jail’, Calls Mark Sterling For Help In New Video

Matt Cardona is behind bars in a new video.

Cardona previously posted a video in which he brought back the Zack Ryder character. At the end of the video, he and Persia Pirotta (Steph De Lander) got into a limo, and the camera cut to show a limousine exploding. In a second video, Cardona dressed up as The RyderTaker and played mind games with De Lander.

A new video shows Cardona in prison, and he said he didn’t blow up the limosine. De Lander shows up, and she’s dressed like a police officer, but she said she was just wearing it for OnlyFans. She accidentally brought Cardona’s gimmick money, rather than actual cash, so she couldn’t bail him out.

Cardona then called his lawyer, “Smart” Mark Sterling, who told him that they had a lot of evidence, as Cardona posted the footage of the crime online. De Lander stated that the situation didn’t look good at the end of the video.

The video can be seen here:

Cardona previously crowned De Lander as the Women’s Internet Champion. More information is available here.

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