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Sgt. Slaughter Doesn’t Watch SmackDown Due To Lacey Evans, Wishes WWE Asked About Cobra Clutch

Sgt. Slaughter wishes he had a heads-up.

Lacey Evans‘ new gimmick has accumulated a fair amount of criticism lately. Some claim it to be a blatant rip-off of WWE Hall of Famer Sgt. Slaughter.

Under her new persona, Evans has begun sporting soldier-inspired gear with camouflage print. Recently, Evans appeared on WWE SmackDown donning a military vest and a big hat very similar to one commonly worn by Slaughter.

Evans later stated that she was Slaughter’s “biggest fan” and noted that she herself is a former Marine. Evans’ gear isn’t the only similarity she shares with Slaughter though. She has also added his signature move — the Cobra Clutch — to her in-ring repertoire. Speaking with Sportskeeda Wrestling, Slaughter admitted he has lessened his viewing of SmackDown, the brand Evans is assigned to. “I don’t watch [WWE] as much as I did because [I’m] just a little upset with — I watch more Raw because Smackdown has Lacey [Evans] on it,” Slaughter said.

While Slaughter can easily circumvent that issue, his main frustration seems to lie in the fact that he wasn’t given any prior notice of Evans using his move.

“It doesn’t upset me because I know she can’t put a Cobra Clutch on like I do. But it’s just the thought that she’s using a move without [contacting me],” he said. “At least I would think the writer or somebody would call me up and say, ‘Hey, you mind if we use, the Cobra Clutch?’ Or maybe call it something else because [Ted] DiBiase brought it in when I was gone with G.I. Joe and he used it as the Million-Dollar Dream. The Cobra clutch was the Million-Dollar Dream.”

“She could have maybe come up with another name of it. I had to end up using the Camel Clutch when I came back because DiBiase was using my hold. So, I asked Khosrow (The Iron Sheik), I said, ‘Is it okay if I use your move?’ ‘Oh, yes. It would be an honor for you to use it.’ That’s all. That’s the way the business was. You respected your talent and the people that you worked with. I would never used it unless if he would have said, ‘Yes, go ahead and use it,’ because he’s the one that made it famous.”

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