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Lacey Evans Responds To Sgt. Slaughter’s Daughter’s Criticism Of Her New Look

WWE star Lacey Evans responded to Sgt. Slaughter‘s daughter’s criticism of her new look.

In a tweet, the WWE legend’s daughter commented on Evans’ new attire, which she debuted on the June 2 episode of WWE SmackDown. Evans wore a big hat with a cobra on it and a military vest, and she was apparently referencing Sgt. Slaughter.

Slaughter’s daughter tweeted, “No. This is not okay. @WWE Who the f— does @LaceyEvansWWE think she is? There’s only 1 @SgtSlaughter, there’s only 1 Slaughter Daughter, and she’s just a poser.”

Evans responded by saying she was Sgt. Slaughter’s biggest fan, a United States Marine, and a “bad Mfer.” She then wrote, “You know who I am. And where to find me.”

Sgt. Slaughter chimed in by saying Evans got his daughter “pissed”, and he knows because he trained her. He wrote that there’s only two ways out of Camp Slaughter, which was either on your feet or in a “ditty bag.”

Evans responded by saying that the chances of anyone in Slaughter’s bloodline to put her in a bag is zero. She told Slaughter to call her when he can birth someone who can carry his legacy or take her out. Evans ended her maeesage by saying, “Until then, salute me. Like the real Marine I am. Rah.”

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