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Photo Credit: All Elite Wrestling

Matt Hardy Thinks His Kids Could One Day Be Involved In Wrestling

Matt Hardy talks about his children being interested in potentially getting into the wrestling industry.

Matt and Jeff Hardy have been wrestling since before they were legally adults. These days, Matt has four little ones of his own. On the most recent Q&A episode of The Extreme Life of Matt Hardy, Matt spoke about the likelihood of his kids getting into the industry.

“I think so. They’ve shown enough interest. The boys, I definitely see them [getting into it]. They really enjoy doing the character stuff, and they have guys that they like, and there’s certain guys now in AEW that they dig. They’re the young cool kids or hip and whatever. As far as Evie goes, too, this is really interesting because Reby [Sky] will say, ‘Don’t even think about it, girl.’ Like, she’ll sometimes sit up and go ‘Delete. Delete.'”

Maxel Hardy, Matt’s oldest, is still undefeated as a wrestler. Recently, all of Matt’s kids were involved in The Firm Deletion.

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