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The Cavinder Twins On Transitioning To WWE: We’ll Adjust To Getting Punched In The Face

The Cavinder Twins are no stranger to pressure.

During a recent feature by GQ Sports, WWE NIL signees Hanna and Haley Cavinder discussed their careers thus far in sports and entertainment. WWE producer Ryan Katz was on hand and asked the twins if they would be able to withstand being punched in the face after years of “shooting hoops.”

“We’ve had pressure our whole lives, so we’ll definitely adjust,” Hanna said.

While the future looks bright for The Cavinder Twins in the squared circle, Katz noted that they’ll have to work collaboratively to give them more character.

“We’d want to build some material,” Katz said. “We gotta figure out a way to make you not just be twins. We want to know the people behind the moniker of the Cavinder Twins.”

“That’s My Rock”

During their senior year on the court, Haley became a starter while Hanna “took the back burner.” The Cavinder Twins had the option to return for a fifth year of school. Hanna noted she was ready for the door to close, while Haley decided she couldn’t part with her twin yet.

“I know that that’s gonna come,” Haley said. “But we’re 22, and she’s my best friend. Even without basketball, being with my twin sister, that’s my rock and that’s what I want to do.” She added, “We’re positioned in a great, great place right now. And I think that I should now look at everything in life like a business approach.”

The sisters ultimately passed on their fifth-year eligibility. Haley and Hanna made their first televised WWE NXT appearance on June 6 to help Thea Hail celebrate winning a battle royal.

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