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Courtney Rush Compares Her Tag Team With Jessicka To A Band, Open To Adding A Third Member

Courtney Rush ponders if it’s time to have someone around to watch the Death Dolls‘ backs.

IMPACT Wrestling‘s Courtney Rush was a recent guest on Women’s Wrestling Talk. When asked how she keeps the creativity flowing with Jessicka every week, Rush compared it to being part of a band.

“Um, yeah, so it’s difficult. I mean, I liken us to a band,” Courtney Rush said. “The Death Dolls think of it like that. And there’s a lot of bands that have died when they lose one of their members. And there’s a lot of bands that have continued and found a new direction and found a new creative path to go on when they lose a member.

“Especially someone like Taya [Valkyrie], obviously like when we were a three-person band. It’s kind of like all three members are very prominent, right? It’s not like a lesser member of a group of ten disappeared. So it’s not a matter of replacing Taya. There’s no replacing Taya.

“It became somewhat of it was left with Rosemary and Jessicka, and then it really became more of a question of how do we rebrand the Death Dolls band to keep moving it forward. Because that was something we definitely did not want to lose the Death Dolls. There’s something there. There’s something going forward that’s so much fun.

“So we’re like, okay, how do we rebrand it from like the Death Dolls to Death Dolls. And it’s the evolution of it. We found it, we found it. We found the new sound, we found the new band. And then, at that point, there is a question of, okay, is there new members needed for the band? And you mentioned Jody [Threat]. I love Jody; I think she’s got a great vibe. I think she’d fit well with us, but what instrument does she play?”

Later in the interview, it dawned on Rush how much backup everyone has in the Knockouts division, and she wondered if it was time she and Jessicka had someone to watch their backs.

“I think it goes back to what we were sort of just talking about is that there’s a lot of there’s a lot of backup in the Knockouts division. Nobody really runs by themselves,” Courtney Rush said. “Everybody runs in a pack, which is smart. And that was one thing that we had when we had Taya was the numbers, and that’s something that the Death Dolls have not had for a while.

“And that’s a disadvantage. We haven’t had someone to watch the numbers. We haven’t had someone to keep Jai Vidal in check on the outside. So, I mean, we were kind of joking about it, but maybe it will be a direction to even like just an ally. Someone to watch our backs.”

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What do you make of Courtney Rush’s comments? Would you like to see the Death Dolls add a third member to their band? Let us know your thoughts by sounding off in the comments section below.

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