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Matt Cardona Has A Great Idea For A New Talk Show Called ‘The Dump’

It sounds like Matt Cardona has a great idea brewing.

Wednesday is hump day. It’s also when WWE’s The Bump airs. Could ‘The Dump’ be coming down the pipeline?

Matt Cardona pitched an idea for a new show called ‘The Dump.’ The show would see the Deathmatch King hosting a talk show sitting atop his porcelain throne.

Cardona says he wouldn’t actually chop a log on camera, but he would chop it up with guests and take questions.

“Putting this into the universe… A weekly live morning show called The Dump,” Cardona wrote. “Right before WWE’s The Bump… I’m on my toilet. (Not actually taking a dump) Set up a cool background. Take questions. Interviews. Etc. What do you think?”

Is this a hit in the making? Doo doo doo, you know it. (Is this news, a shitpost, or both?)

It’s Taken Off

Matt Cardona recently spoke with WrestleZone about teaming up with Steph De Lander and finding success on the indies. Cardona said De Lander is just as obsessed with wrestling as he is, and the partnership has been very rewarding so far.

“Then I approached Steph and Steph didn’t hesitate and said yes,” Matt Cardona said. “I was taking a gamble because who knew what her personality be, what her work ethic would be. Turns out, she’s just as obsessed with wrestling as me, always coming up with ideas, wanting to do outside stuff. The job doesn’t end when you get home Monday morning. You don’t have until the next show. You have to be working, you have to be doing stuff.

“Whether it be doing stuff online or filming your own vignettes or thinking of merchandise. And Steph was on board for all of that, and we knew that we had to light a fire under this. So, we started doing weekly vignettes just so people would know what was going on. We would flood people’s timelines with videos of us, pictures of us, and it’s taken off. We’ve only been together for, man, it seems like a year or two, but it’s probably been like six or seven months, if that.”

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