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Molly Holly Set to Compete In The New York City Marathon

WWE Hall of Famer Molly Holly is looking forward to competing in a marathon.

Molly (Nora Benshoof) will be competing in one of the biggest marathons in the country, the New York City Marathon. This will be the first marathon that the former WWE Women’s Champion will participate in.

Molly Holly was a special guest on this week’s episode of WWE’s The Bump. During the episode, she revealed she will participate in the New York City Marathon. She mentioned that it became possible after she began a fundraiser for Connor’s Cure.

“I got an email from the WWE saying that, if you wanted to fundraise for Connor’s Cure, that if you raise a certain amount that and you would be… because normally I think you have to qualify or have to be fast to be in the New York City Marathon. And so, it was just a really good opportunity where because of the fundraising you can earn a bib.

“And the WWE Universe has been so generous and that really helped me reach my fundraising goal. My colleagues at WWE donated and so it just made me feel happy that so many people supported Connor’s Cure. And that it is enabling me to run a race that maybe or narrowly I wouldn’t have qualified for,” Molly Holly said.

Molly Holly wants to put an end to pediatric cancer

While speaking on the same episode, Molly Holly revealed that her mother is a cancer survivor. She also claimed that she would do everything in her power to put an end to pediatric cancer.

“Well, my mom is a cancer survivor. She’s actually had a few different bouts of cancer and overcome. I really admire her tenacity, her bravery, and she’s really a positive person. he just really sees the good in life and its just… I almost choked up thinking about how happy I am that she is my mom. And that is like a main reason why I am so glad to raise money for cancer researches because, of course, my mom and other people who have been affected by it.

“And when I am at the WWE, there are Make-A-Wish kids and kids suffering with pediatric cancer and it just feels so wrong, like how can this be? Like, pediatric and cancer shouldn’t be in the same sentence. That shouldn’t be a thing and I just really want to be a part of something that can help and end pediatric cancer.”

Along with Holly, NXT Champion Carmelo Hayes was also part of the show.

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